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In order to meet League registration deadlines, basketball registration will be open through 9/9/22.

Our Program:

Junior Knight Basketball is made up of players from our Lutheran grade schools and home school students in the area.  Basketball in the league is tournament style with most teams playing in 3-5 tournaments. Tournaments are held on Saturdays, with teams playing three to four games during the day. Practices are typically held at Luther High School, and are usually once to twice a week before and during their tournament dates. Tournaments and practices do not conflict with LALSAC practices and events as much as we can possibly help.  


We participate in the Great Northwest Basketball League and may pick up other tournaments to fill out their schedule. Coaches will contact players after the Great Northwest informs us of the dates of tournaments for each team. Girls tournaments are typically scheduled first and start around the beginning of November. Their website has tournament information and directions to each venue. For more information, visit


The cost to play is $100 per player.  Please hold on to all payments.  We will collect the payments at the first practice you have with your team.  At this time we can only accept cash or check.  Please make checks payable to Luther Junior Knights.  Thanks! 

An optional Luther Junior Knights apparel order is available at  Items can be shipped to the home or picked up at Gameday Supply at 420 2nd Ave South in Onalaska.



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